Local Actor Stars in New Movie, CODA

DULUTH, Minn.– Daniel Durant, a native Duluthian, paid a visit to the West Theater in Duluth with his family and friends this past Thursday for a private screening of his newest movie, CODA.

This film is of a girl named Ruby who is the only hearing member in her deaf family in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who run a fishing business.

While Ruby wants to pursue a career in singing her family still needs a hearing member on board.

Durant plays her brother Leo, and this film has received wide recognition so far, but what happened locally for Daniel means the most.

“Having grown up in Duluth, and having all the people here to watch this on the big screen with me really means so much to me, all the people who have kind of encouraged me and supported me as I’ve developed my career and kind of gotten to the place where I am,” Durant signed in ASL.

The owner of the theatre was happy to take part in making it a memorable night for Daniel and his friends and family.

“There’s only so many times most of us see our names in lights, and get to invite 200 of our closest friends somewhere, its never happened to me, so I think it’ll be wonderful for him and he sure seems to be happy and hopefully this is a night he’ll never forget,” Bob Boone said.

Daniel is an accomplished actor, but also works in schools on the side where he helps teach deaf chidden as well, and he hopes he can lead an example for them too.

“For people that are of that community I think Daniel becomes a shining role model of what’s possible,” Boone said.

And for Daniel, “There’s no difference between having a deaf actor and a non deaf actor I think it’s just the language that’s the only difference”.

Daniel hopes to continue from here and hopefully inspire some new roles in Hollywood.

“Acting is my passion I’ve really just enjoyed the journey of developing my craft and I really hope that in Hollywood they continue to have larger roles for deaf characters in series, I’d love to be a super hero in a marvel series or in a star wars, something like that, I think it’s be really wonderful to have a deaf actor like that,” Durant signed in ASL.

CODA is playing at the West Theatre 5 times a day for 2 weeks starting last Friday and it is also available to watch on Apple TV.

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