Rock Ridge Football Wraps Up First Week of Practice as New Program

The Wolverines will open its inaugural season Sept. 2 hosting North Woods. 

EVELETH, Minn. – The first week of practice for Minnesota high school football teams is in the books, and it was also the first week of practice ever for the newly consolidated Rock Ridge Wolverines.

The Wolverines are in the process of merging the Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia programs together. This past season, a few teams consolidated and now it’s the football team’s turn. And so far, it’s been a smooth transition for the players.

“It’s been great, I think. It’s great to have all of these new coaches and everything and the new players, meeting everyone and there’s a lot of good guys out here. Wasn’t as much controversy as everyone might have thought, we’re actually all coming together really well,” running back/linebacker Jacob Burress said.

“I love it, the Virginia guys are pretty great. I think we can be great, it just depends on how we look at it. We can work together or we can seperate and have Eveleth kids and have Virginia kids, it all depends on if we work together,” linebacker Brandon Pionk added.

With week one done, the Wolverines said one of the biggest advantages to consolidating the two programs together is the numbers, depth and competition they’ll have this season.

“We have numbers that neither program has seen since I’ve been here and being able to go out to practice and separate young guys and old guys and let them learn at their own pace is awesome,” co-head coach Sean Streier said.

“It’s just kind of being going through from a sophomore to a junior to a senior and these things are basically, they think it’s promised to them. And when they get to the top, if no one’s pushing them, they’re not getting any better. And hopefully we’re getting that competition, that push from behind that will make them better. We want them to realize we’re building a team together and who’s here is our team and it’s going to be better and they’re the start of a new foundation,” co-head coach Matt Anderson added.

Rock Ridge will open its inaugural season Sept. 2 hosting North Woods.

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