Finland Evacuation Site Moves to Babbitt as Wildfire Shifts

FINLAND, Minn.– The Red Cross’ evacuation site at the Finland Community Center relocated today to Babbitt, as demand for services has shifted with the greenwood fire.

Forest Service officials tell us the weather patterns today were volatile, pushing the fire to move more North West.

The new evacuation site in Babbitt is providing food and water, medical help, and in some cases, a place to stay overnight.

“We just closed down here, we’re rushing over to Babbitt, we have some folks that are just going to start opening the temporary evacuation point, and as soon as we get there we’ll be standing it up and ready to take people in,” Rod Winters, the Shelter Manager for the Red Cross said.

The evacuation site in Babbitt is located at 71 South Drive.

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