Knowing Your Neighbors: UpDawg Switching Up the Traditional Hotdog

Owners welcome creativity and unique flavors when customers craft their hotdogs. 

DULUTH, Minn.- A new food truck in the Twin Ports is pushing the boundaries of what goes on the hotdog. 

“Hotdogs are fun. You can just put anything on a hotdog,” said Cory Netland. “We just have a book full of recipes and ideas.” 

So, what’s UpDawg? 

It’s the newest food truck in the Twin Ports launched by Netland and David Fitch, college friends with a love of food, and fun. 

“We were two guys that were pretty fresh outta school,” said co-founder, Fitch. “Then had an idea and not much more to it beyond that.” 

“And the formative process and learning how to think like business owners and growing in that spirit of entrepreneurship has made us just stronger character-wise I think,” he said.  

It’s even written in tattoos on their arms — the pair eat sleep and breathe ideas for making unique hot dogs. 

“Usually they come in late at night, when I’m trying to fall asleep I think of ‘what can I put on? ooh, I can make something with naan, that will be good,’” fellow co-founder Netland said. 

“And then I’ll tell David and he’ll really like the idea. And we’ll bounce ideas back and forth and all of a sudden we’ll have this masterpiece,” said Netland. 

They say nothing is off the table. They welcome creativity and unique flavors when customers craft their hotdogs. 

You can even submit an idea to them, and maybe see it on the menu. 

“I think a hotdog is super attainable to people,” Netland said. “Like, it’s something that everybody’s familiar with and when you start adding other cheeses or other ingredients like you can just imagine what it’s gonna taste like.” 

After a year marinating during the height of the pandemic, Cory and David are excited to be showing their food truck off.  

“It’s kind of an homage to all of the places in Duluth that David and I really love,” Netland said. “So there’s a lot of like easter eggs and hidden images on here.” 

And they can’t wait to get their creative hotdogs to even more Northlanders. 

“The fact that we really got to this point and now we’re in business and now we get to do what is honestly the easy part and get to share our amazing creations with everybody,” said Fitch, “and see where this business takes us now that we’re finally off the ground and started publicly. 

You can check out Cory and David’s hotdog creations and see where they’ll take the food truck next on UpDawg’s Facebook page.  

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