Facebook Page Created to Help Displaced Pets from Fires in Northeastern Minnesota

The Page 'Greenwood Fire Displaced Pets' is Receiving Countless Inquiries From People Looking to Help Displaced Pets, Animals

DULUTH, Minn. – Pets, and livestock are also living in the path of the Greenwood fire and others burning in Northeastern Minnesota.

Now a group of local animal lovers and veterinarians is looking to help out where they can.

The group is calling themselves, ‘Greenwood Fire Displaced Animals‘ on Facebook.

Currently, more than two dozen people have reached out, offering their land or resources to those needing to evacuate themselves and their animals or livestock as the fires grow.

The page was created after a local veterinarian made contact with the American Red Cross, offering any support possible to help displaced residents when evacuating.

“I have wanted to do this forever, honestly. After Hurricane Katrina, I went through all the FEMA animals in crisis/disaster training so that if something like that were to happen, I could help out,” said Lisa Lepak, a volunteer coordinator with the group.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, contact Greenwood Fire Displaced Pets directly on Facebook.

If you have resources available to house displaced animals, the group is looking for your support as well.

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