Firefighters Continue Battling Greenwood Fire

Firefighters are also monitoring areas of concern along the border of the fire.

ISABELLA, Minn. —  On Wednesday more than 400 firefighters on the ground were busy conducting several defensive operations with the help of air resources.

One of the main goals is helping to reduce burnable natural fuel near homes and the edge of the fire.

“We really gotta make sure highway one is closed to the public,” Greenwood Fire Public Information Officer, Larry Bickel says.

A big part of the strategy is removing trees and brush that would carry the fire.

“We’re going to continue to strengthen highway one by doing some firing operations today we’re going to get those loggers back in there with heavy equipment and get that deadwood out of there,” Bickel says.

Firefighters are also monitoring areas of concern along the border of the fire.

“We know folks are in there today doing an assessment so we’ll know something shortly about it. These remain our areas concern of resource protection,” Eastern Area Incident Management Team Public Information Officer, Clark McCreedy says.

Crews are optimistic about the predicted drop in temperatures and the potential for rain in the coming days.

“All that works in our favor to get folks closer to the fire. They can fight fire aggressively and do it safely,” McCreedy says.

Through the long twelve-hour shifts on the front lines, firemen and women battling the greenwood fires are thankful for all the community support.

“To try and give our firefighters a little bit of normalcy the public has been amazing and we don’t know how to thank them,” Bickel says.

Another community meeting will happen at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland to discuss the current state of the fire.

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