Lake Superior Zoo Fundraising for Purchase of Advanced Medical Equipment

Over $3,000 Was Recently Raised to Purchase a New Machine to Help Better Serve the Medical Needs of the Animals

DULUTH, Minn. – When it comes to taking take of lions, tigers, bears, reptiles, and more, the medical bills add up quickly.

That’s why the Lake Superior Zoo continues to ask for your support with fundraising and donations.

“Veterinary care at the Lake Superior Zoo is a huge expense, but it’s something that is very important to us when we think about our animal’s health and welfare,” said Haley Cope, CEO of the Lake Superior Zoo.

Efforts to fundraise recently ramped up after Jeeps, the Zoo’s kinkajou, was acting differently.

Veterinarians immediately brought Jeeps to the animal care center, and after a thorough exam, found a large mass in her abdomen.

A blood test sample then had to be sent to a third party before results could decide the next move to help Jeeps.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Zoo is now able to purchase a complete blood cell count machine to have on-site that will help speed up the care process in the future.

A CBC or complete blood cell count machine will give the ability to run blood work in-house at the Zoo and get rapid results to help the animals right away.

Click here to help support the Zoo’s medical care facility, and allow them to purchase advanced technology to have on-site, providing better care for the animal family when needed.


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