Local Stores Stock up for Holiday Weekend

SUPERIOR, Wisc.– In preparation for the holiday weekend, some local meat shops are stocking up for people who want to grill out.

Superior Meats on Tower Avenue offers a lot of different products, including more than 150 different kinds of brats, prime cuts of beef and burgers. While it won’t be as busy as the Fourth of July, the shop makes sure to keep a little extra product stocked up just in case.

“It’s tough to really prepare, I know over the 4th of July weekend, we were doing over 1,000 pounds of just sausage a day for 3 days and this week hasn’t been that crazy you know its not one of the bigger holidays but for sure we’ve increased a little bit,” Beau Reder, a Meat Cutter at the shop, said.

Superior meats is open daily 8 to 7 and will be open on labor day from 10 to 6.

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