Contstruction Continues at Glensheen Mansion Grounds

Construction on the projects should wrap up next summer.

DULUTH, Minn. —  Construction is underway at the Glensheen Mansion to restore the formal garden on the grounds.

The $4 million project also includes the installation of a backup boiler installed in the house.

“[The boiler] is critically important for the infrastructure of the house itself,” said Lynne Williams, UMD’s marketing and public relations director.

The goal is to help preserve both the house and the grounds while still allowing people to experience everything Glensheen has to offer.

“There were parts of the garden walls where the brick was literally falling out. You could remove the brick so it was just starting to crumble. Glensheen is a priority for this community and for the state of Minnesota,” Williams said.

Even though a portion of the estate will be blocked off, there will still be all the usual activities people can expect when they visit Glensheen.

“We had to have a little bit of construction zone here. So a little bit of impact on the access to the grounds. The mansion is open and tours are in full force. Everyone can still get around the construction to enjoy the rest of the property,” Williams said.

Even later on in the season, the popular Elf on the Shelf will continue on, including other events.

“We will be offering the holiday Spirit of the Lights as we have in past years and other activities throughout the Christmas season,” Williams says.

Construction on the projects should wrap up next summer.


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