Proctor Rails Back With In-Person Classes

Even though all school facilities have a mask requirement, students and faculty don't seem to mind.

PROCTOR, Minn.– School is back on track in Proctor where the Rails came back to in-person learning full time.

“Kids settle back into some of the routines they had before COVID and shut down. It’s been so nice to have the kids back and seeing their faces again. The excitement around the school is outstanding,” Proctor High School Principal, Tim Rohweder says.

With some students entering a new school for the first time, principals over there are going easy on the transition process.

“Getting to know the students. Ease into things throughout the week. But today is about building relationships and getting to know each individual students,” Proctor Middle School Principal, Joe Krasselt says.

Building those relationships is always an important part of grade school development.

“To have the ability to communicate and interact with people is something that a lot of students weren’t able to do the last couple of years. It affected mental health and all kind of things,” Rohweder says.

Even though all school facilities have a mask requirement, students and faculty don’t seem to mind.

“It’s a small price to pay to come back full and to be kind of normal again and the kids have been great about it,” Rohweder says.

Nurses with the district are encouraging students to practice good hygiene and have a daily screening so they can continue their in-person learning and keep COVID out of the schools.

“We still have to practice this safe and social distancing. We have to monitor the systems. When we have symptoms we don’t want to be in small crowded spaces. We want to put that mask on. Even in the household with your loved ones. If you’re not vaccinated especially we don’t want that to take down households,” said Proctor Public Schools District Nurse, Carlie Anderson.

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