Judy Garland Museum Gets Big Financial Boost From John Oliver

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn.-The Judy Garland Museum recently received a big financial boost from an unlikely source.

Comedian and HBO host John Oliver opened up applications to museums to apply to get a $10,000 donation. The museum, which is dedicated to the famed hometown actress, was eventually chosen to the surprise of staff.

“The other locations that were chosen are small museums in larger cities – it will go to Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Detroit,” said Janie Heitz, the museum’s executive director. “So we really are the only rural location that was chosen, so it was surprising, but [exciting].”

As part of the deal, the museum must host three unique art pieces called the “Last Week Tonight’s Masterpiece Gallery.” The exhibit will be on display through Sept. 28.

The show also donated $10,000 to the Second Harvest North Central Food Bank.

Funding the museum received, will go to general operations.

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