Students Help Hermantown High School Teacher with Fundraiser

HERMANTOWN, Minn.- A Hermantown High School science teacher was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer this past July.

Students and teachers, including his son, are coming together to raise money for the teacher’s family.

Tony Dobinson is a 9th-grade chemistry teacher who could not return to Hermantown High School this fall after being diagnosed with cancer in his liver and spleen.

“They’re shocked at first, and you don’t really know what’s happening, and then when you get told that it’s cancer, it’s, you know, it gets a little bit more serious,” said high school teacher Lana Arro.

Dobinson‘s two sons, Sam and Jack, are students at the high school and receive support from classmates and teachers.

“It’s kind of nice to be able to help him because he’s done so much for me, you know, like growing up and all that stuff,” said son Jack Dobinson.

They are working together to raise money for the Dobinson family’s medical bills, as Tony will be undergoing more treatment at the Mayo Clinic in October.

The Hermantown JV and varsity boys’ soccer team is hosting a food truck fundraiser for the Dobinson family, where all of the proceeds will go to Tony’s medical treatment.

“But this year, we are adding in some food trucks to help our family with support,” said Dobinson. “We’re struggling financially with it because he’s not a teacher anymore, so it’s just to help a little bit; we appreciate it a lot.”

Dairy Queen and Dominos are among the local vendors donating food for the fundraiser.

If you are looking to help out the Dobinson family, stop by Stebner Park on Sunday evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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