Plans for Enger Park Golf Course Renovations Recommended

A 7.1 million dollar project was proposed Wednesday night by the Duluth Public Golf Committee.

DULUTH, Minn. — “Definitely getting as many sunshine hours of golfing as humanly possible knock on wood,” Duluth Resident, Cameron Maxwell says

Within the next few years, golfers could have ability to do just that on a newly renovated Enger Golf Course.

“It really is time to replace the system. It really can’t be repaired,” City of Duluth Parks & Rec Manager, Jessica Peterson says.

A 7.1 million dollar project was proposed Wednesday night by the Duluth Public Golf Committee.

Four million would be courtesy of bonding bill money.

It is geared towards making the course more efficient and sustainable including improving anĀ irrigation system that is past its life span.

“That is more cost-effective. That is more sustainable for the use of water on the course. But also contributes a lush, green enjoyable playable golf surface,” Peterson says.

The public will also notice a change in the bunkers and the clubhouse.

“The newly proposed clubhouse is only on one level and fully assessable and provides all of the same amenities,” Peterson says.

If approved the new enger construction would happen at the end of the 2022 season.

During that time, the city would reopen the Lester Golf Course for 2023 until construction is complete which is something local golfers are excited about.

“That was the first golf course I ever really played on. It was one of the best-looking golf courses I’ve ever been on. I’m excited to get back there and play. It’s a sick spot,” Maxwell says.

The recommendation by the public golf committee now moves forward to the parks commission in a meeting scheduled for September 15th.

The completion goal for these improvements would be in 2024.

Assuming the parks commission makes that recommendation for the course improvements, it would then move to the city council for final approval of the plan.

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