Vue at Bluestone Celebrates ‘Grand Opening’

DULUTH, Minn.– The Bluestone property has continued to expand, and become a more vibrant and sought-after area to live over the past years. Today, Bluestone, which opened back in late July, held the official grand opening of its most recent luxury apartments called the ‘Vue at Bluestone’ where both residents and contributors came together to officially celebrate this new property.

Crews broke ground on this property nearly 2 years ago as the developer recognized that the demand for luxury housing in Duluth continues to grow. The entire area has become a hot spot in Duluth, with restaurants and other businesses surrounding the apartments.

Approvals for the bluestone property began in 2011 which has made this a 10 year process, and owner, Mark Lambert, says he’s thrilled to be joined by those who helped in the process on the back deck of their newest property.

“Creating the name, creating the businesses and selling the businesses¬† at this location, to building our last phase here, its just all been a wow and a fun experience,” Lambert said.

Residents also gathered to meet and enjoy food, drinks, and company while taking in one of the best views in Duluth.

“We looked at other places in Duluth, there’s no place in Duluth or Minneapolis that compares to this with all the amenities, its quite lovely,” Jack Harnstrom, a Resident at the Vue, said.

The Vue at Bluestone features 194 units from studios to 3 bedroom apartments in a modern, yet sophisticated, style, but what this property adds to the pre-existing bluestone properties is just another reason to move to the area.

“Duluth’s stock continues to go up, its been a great community I think that they’ve realized that they’ve got some great resources, the education systems, the jobs that are available here, obviously the tourism has just been a terrific draw for us, and so it’s that kind of vibrancy again that has made this are a terrific,” Lambert said.

Duluth has become a hot spot for luxury apartment developers in recent years. The Vue features amenities such as a pool, a sauna, underground parking garage, a rooftop patio that overlooks the city, and more. The average rent ranges between one to two thousand dollars or more.

“As soon as we walked into the apartment on the 5th floor, and saw the lake, it was over, done, done deal,” Harnstrom said.

With there being commercial properties on site, aside from the apartment buildings, like Tavern on the Hill restaurant, Starbucks, and Jimmy Johns, this area offers a well-rounded selection to anyone who stops by.

“The closeness of the business and the walkability and just everything is great,” Harnstrom said.

Although this was the final phase of Bluestone, there are always more ways to expand in the future, “we still have other sites that we’re aware of so we’ve got some opportunities so were going to look at those next,” Lambert said.

While many want to also see more affordable housing options built in Duluth, the luxury bubble hasn’t burst.

As of July, just after it opened, the Vue is 100% leased, but there is also availability at their other properties, like the Bluestone Flats.

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