Northlanders Help Hurricane Ida Survivors

DULUTH, Minn.- Help from the Northland is on the way to Hurricane Ida survivors.

Two Northern Minnesota Red Cross volunteers headed out to Louisiana with a Northern Minnesota Emergency Response Vehicle earlier today to help those affected by hurricane Ida.

“After I retired, I started volunteering for the red cross and doing deployment,” said volunteer David * “I just enjoy going out and helping people.”

They will be joining three other volunteer crew members who have been there since the hurricane first arrived.

The emergency response vehicle will transport food to impacted neighborhoods in Louisiana.

“We’re kind of like their eyes and ears because a lot of other people can’t get out right into the neighborhood like we do, and so we help out that way and we find out if there’s need in other places just by talking to somebody,” said volunteer Diane Dunder. “Fire departments or police and they might tell us other areas that are in need that they haven’t found yet.”

The American Red Cross is trying to provide food, shelter, and medical attention to the survivors.

Several Northern Minnesota volunteers traveled to California, helping wildfire survivors.

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