Pumpkin Picking is Finally Here

DULUTH, Minn.- Pumpkin picking at Farmer Doug’s pumpkin patch begins today, and the festivities will continue through Sunday.

The famous farm has a patch of more than 1,000 pumpkins for people to choose from. Visitors of all ages are welcome to join in on the family-fun activities.

“I’m kind of—as we retire and gravitate to things where people are happy and kids are happy,” said owner Doug Hoffbauer. “Christmas trees are always real good for us to see a lot of happy families and pumpkins are in the same—the same vein the other kids come out here. they’re going from one and can’t make up their mind which one is the perfect pumpkin.”

On Saturday, Farmer Doug’s will have fresh apple cider pressing along with festive treats for guests to enjoy.

Farmer Doug’s pumpkin picking will return every weekend of September.

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