Wide Variety of Pumpkins to Pick From at Farmer Doug’s Patch

Farmer Doug's Pumpkin Patch is Located at 3361 Lindahl Road in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Autumn is the perfect time of year to promote the significance of agriculture.

That’s exactly what one local farmer and his family continue to do this year as they welcome hundreds to pick their own pumpkins.

“It’s getting cold so I’m feeling the fall vibes so we decided to come to pick pumpkins,” said Sabrina Fosness, visiting from Alborn, Minnesota.

Fall vibes help create fun trips to the local farm.

“I’m excited to watch them play in the pumpkins together and hang out,” said Fosness.

For Sabrina, Nolan, Hannah, and Adelynn, visiting Farmer Doug’s pumpkin patch is the highlight of a crisp fall weekend in September.

“We’re ready for fall, definitely ready for fall,” said Hannah Schafer, visiting from Saginaw, Minnesota.

“I really cherish the moments I get to spend with her and her daughter while they’re still little. Doing stuff like this is just memories in the making,” said Fosness.

At Farmer Doug’s, quality counts.

“To me, it’s not just about growing pumpkins, it’s about growing big pumpkins,” said Doug Hoffbauer, owner of Farmer Doug’s Pumpkin Patch.

This year’s crop comes from scientific research done locally.

“We’ve got a couple of varieties that result from a test we did with the UofM last year. We tried six varieties that would make it up here in Duluth. We’ve narrowed it down to two now, a short fat one and a tall skinny one,” said Hoffbauer.

Doug’s been dabbling in producing pumpkins for the past 40 years. He says over that time, genetics, resistance, size, and shape have greatly improved.

“The varieties have really changed a lot. The varieties have improved. They’ve come down to this 85-90 day that can make it here,” said Hoffbauer.

Aside from the fall facts, it’s about the fun of inviting families to the farm.

“As we retire, I’ve gravitated toward the things where people are happy, and kids are happy,” said Hoffbauer.

The Hoffbauer’s also enjoy helping make memories throughout the seasons.

“I know they’re not going to remember it, but I’m definitely going to remember it and she’s going to remember these things,” said Fosness.

“These are – you’ve got to cut them off the vine and carry them out of the field. It’s the real deal,” said Hoffbauer.

As for those who think it’s too early, Farmer Doug says the timing is just “ripe.”

“We have to start this early to get done because any pumpkin on the field at 30 degrees is junk,” said Hoffbauer.

Farmer Doug’s pick-your-own pumpkin patch is open every Friday through Sunday in September from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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