Essentia Health Holds Hiring Event, Looking for New Wave of Healthcare Workers

DULUTH, Minn.– Essentia Health is looking for the next wave a healthcare workers, and they did so today with a big hiring event at the Miller Hill Mall. In only the first two hours of the event, close to 100 people came by, and dozens left with new jobs.

Today’s hiring event was meant to address that employee shortage, but also prevent current employees from reaching a burnout period. At least 40 new employees had accepted positions on the spot earlier in the day, and for accepting, they received a $2,000 hiring bonus, and the chance to change and help lives.

Staff says they had a strong turnout right from the start, and they are encouraged to see so many people showing interest in joining the field, because saving lives as work, sometimes isn’t work to people at all.

“I think that one of the best things about healthcare is I don’t actually think its a job, I think its a calling, I think you’re called to health care. There’s something inside you that says I want to help people and so were blessed at Essentia as an organization where were very much based on our mission and our values and we track people that really love the opportunity to help people and serve people,” Brad Beard, Chief Operating Officer of the East Market of Essentia Health said.

Essentia is happy to offer opportunities to anyone interested, but some areas that need the most attention lately is in nursing, technical jobs, ambulatory clinics, and nursing assistants, but a new area has seen a surge in demand since the pandemic.

“Behavioral health is another huge are of need with COVID, the demands for mental health care have just sky rocketed so were looking for colleagues that want to serve that kind of patient as well,” Jan Schade, Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations, said.

Some behavioral health spots were filled Thursday, along with surgical technicians, which is a highly specialized area, so they are happy with their progress so far and hope to hold another hiring event soon.

But of course, if you want a job now, Essentia and St. Luke’s is always looking to hire.

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