Essentia Urologist Explains Importance of Screening for Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

DULUTH, Minn. – One in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Dr. Nathan Hoffman, a urologist with Essentia Health in Duluth, explains why it’s so vital to begin routine screening at the right time in your life.

“In general, if you’re starting to feel the symptoms, you’re a little bit later on the scale of prostate cancer,” said Hoffman.

Men should be talking with their primary care physician about screening around the ages of 50-55.

“It’s a scary word, prostate cancer, but it’s still something we can do very good at taking care of if it’s caught early,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman says not every prostate cancer diagnosis requires treatment.

“Talk with your doctor about getting screened,” said Hoffman.

The National Cancer Institute estimates there will be nearly 192,000 new cases of prostate cancer and nearly 33,000 deaths from prostate cancer in 2020 in the U.S. alone


Prostate cancer sometimes does not cause any symptoms at all until it is in an advanced stage, but some men may experience symptoms such as the following even at an earlier stage:

  • Not being able to pass urine, weak flow of urine, urine flow starts and stops, pain or burning during urination, the need to urinate frequently (especially at night)
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Difficulty having an erection
  • Frequent pain in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs

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