Duluth Workforce Development Makes Moves to Decrease Unemployment Numbers

DULUTH, Minn.- September is Workforce Development Month and is the end of unemployment benefits for many, and Duluth’s Workforce Development team is offering their services to job seekers.

In the Twin Ports, 19,000 people were taken out of the labor force since the beginning of the pandemic, and workforce development has recovered nearly 70 percent of those jobs lost.

“We’ve seen a number of people looking to change careers right,” said director Elena Foshay. “A lot of people have reevaluated what’s important to them, what they’re looking for in a job, and so they’ve been reaching out to ask for help, and so we are here were available to help.”

Unemployment numbers in Minnesota are declining, but several Northland businesses are still experiencing an employee shortage.

Duluth workforce development is offering virtual workshops and in-person help by appointment.

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