Duluthians Can Now Vote Early for the General Election

DULUTH, Minn.- Early voting for the General Election begins kicked off today, and voters have the option to mail in their ballots or vote at City Hall.

The two early voting options help with voters who are social distancing and will reduce the lines at polling stations on Election Day, November 2.

City Hall will be open to early voters Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and no appointment is needed.

“Having early voting is really beneficial because you can have the opportunity to get your ballot ahead of time, you know, you can request a ballot now even if you don’t want to cast that ballot right away,” said Duluth, Director of Administrative Services Chelsea Helmer. “You can get your ballot, so you have it.”

“You can do your research on the candidates, and then you can return it before Election Day on the second.”

Both registered and non-registered voters who mail in their ballots must have a witness when casting their vote.

The city is encouraging people to vote early with mail-in ballots to prevent the spread of COVID.



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