New Duluth Fire Department Recruitment Options

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Fire Department is adding to its recruitment process by allowing firefighters to transfer without a written exam.

Lateral firefighters transferring to the Duluth Fire Department can apply without taking the written exam, as long as they have three or more years of experience. They will also start with 100 percent of their pay compared to new firefighters, who begin with a 10 percent pay cut.

“As long as they’ve got three years of career experience,” said Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj. “They still have to have at least an emergency medical technician license or certification—some states do a little differently—and EMT certification, and then they will still have to pass our physical CPAT requirement.”

A lateral hire will start as a firefighter and be placed on one-year probation like other new firefighters hired in Duluth.

Standard firefighter applications require applicants to take a written test and pass with at least 70 percent.

“The intent is—recruitment has been low for all fire departments, not just us, so we’re hoping that this gives us a little bit larger candidate pool,” said Krizaj. “Gives people who may be a little set, you know, in their career, and they don’t want to start over necessarily, a chance to maybe think about transferring up here to Duluth.”

The new application option is to help the Duluth Fire Department recruit new members to their team.
Qualifying firefighters from any state are welcome to apply.

This new recruitment option will be put into place by the end of the year.

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