25th Annual Inline Marathon Rolls Through Northland

DULUTH, Minn.– Close to 2,000 racers of all ages sped down the North Shore Saturday morning for the nations largest Inline Marathon that makes it’s in person return after being held virtually last year. It was a beautiful fall morning to mark the 25th annual North Shore Inline Marathon.

“It is just wonderful to finally have a good outdoor event, and you couldn’t pick a better event to do it at right, the grand daddy of all inline races,” Robert Motta, Boise Idaho native said.

Roller skaters, bladers, and runners came from all over the country to participate, and while it was a first for some, others we’re happy to carry on the annual tradition.

“It’s wonderful I mean the spirit of people is so wonderful and you know people saw I’ve been skating 25 years and they’re going ‘yeah atta boy congratulations!’ and it’s just a really good spirit and camaraderie amongst the skaters,” Steve Wilson, a native of Isabella, and a 25 year racer said.

Since the marathon was virtual last year, being able to race the unique event alongside athletes of all skill levels made it more enjoyable

“It was super cool I feel like I haven’t been racing against just like strangers people I don’t know, like in going that pace we even got to like talk to some people it was super fun,” Leah Dutkewych, a Nordic Skier at CSS said.

And whether they were competing in the 10k, half, full, or even combined marathon events, everyone had a smile on their face, “yeah people are really happy out there and I think that distance really makes that shine,” Gwinna Remillard, a teammate of Dutkewych said.

Steve Wilson started skating in the in-line marathon when he was 46, and after 25 years rolling through the tunnels, making a 26th return isn’t out of the question yet, “I’m 71 so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing it but we’ll see, take it a year at a time,” he said.

Boise, Idaho native Robert Motta did better than he expected, ending up third in the men’s elite and to celebrate, he has a couple of good ideas, “go to Disneyland? I think I might have a nice cold beer,” he said.

The night ended with a skate jam at the DECC with live music, food and beverages, and of course a classic roller rink.

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