RivALZ Twin Ports Returns for In-Person Game to Raise Money for Alzheimer’s Association

During Saturday's flag football game, RivALZ announced that they have raised $21,050 which will all go towards Alzheimer's research and resources in the Twin Ports.

DULUTH, Minn. – Saturday, around two dozen women gathered for a flag football game for a good cause as RivALZ Twin Ports returned to the gridiron.

The group of women were split up into two teams, Blondes vs. Brunettes, all to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Most of the women have a personal connection to the disease and after not having the event last year, these women were even more excited to tackle Alzheimer’s on Saturday, on and off the field.

“Taking out all of the aggressions that can happen with this disease and the frustration of knowing that someone’s got this disease and they can’t help it, so far there’s nothing that can really, truly be done and we want to make memories, we want to preserve memories,” Kate McRae said.

“As a female athlete, you have a more increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s so to be doing a game, especially something high-contact like flag football, it just goes to show you that we can be out here having fun but there’s also risks involved and one of those risks unfortunately is Alzheimer’s so to get out here, be doing this, playing, doing what we love and raising money to prevent that hopefully is huge,” Gabby Gidley added.

During the game, they announced that this year they have raised $21,050 which will all go towards Alzheimer’s research and resources in the Twin Ports. You can still donate by visiting the RivALZ website.

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