Greenwood Fire 80% Contained Since Friday

Photo courtesy: U.S. Forest Service

SUPERIOR NATIONAL FOREST, Minn. — The sprawling Greenwood Fire that has burned more than 26,000 acres of land was updated to 80% containment on Friday.

According to a press release from the multiple agencies working together on this fire, there are 196 crew members working on containment efforts.

The fire ignited more than a month ago, back on August 15th, from a lightening strike.

Firefighting crews are delaying some work until Monday because of more traffic coming through the area for hunting and fall colors tourism.

One of the biggest challenges crews are facing are trees that have either been damaged from the fire, or are decaying from disease or age, that could suddenly come crashing down. Personnel are working to cut down those trees around roads and other areas where people, buildings, cars, and more could be affected.

Weakened trees are also a danger to firefighters, especially within the forest crews continue to fight the blaze on the ground. They are also attacking the fire from above in aircrafts.

Meanwhile, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has started giving cards to property owners that allow them to access the restricted area in Isabella. That includes those who live or own property on Stony Loop Road, Middle Road, North McDougal Lake Road, and McDougal Lake Road.

Any property owner who needs a security card can pick them up at the McDougal Lake Road and Highway 1 checkpoint, or call 218-510-0640.

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