Northern Star: Gabby Jauhola

For this week's segment, we feature the star setter of the Proctor volleyball team who's led by her mom as head coach.

PROCTOR, Minn. – Volleyball is in the Jauhola family’s blood.

“She has 7 siblings and all of them have played volleyball, whether in the yard or as an organized sport. Her brothers went to state twice for volleyball and she has a little sister coming up,” Proctor volleyball head coach Trish Jauhola said.

“It’s nice because they’re always here supporting me and I’m always supporting them and honestly it helps me play better and feel better about myself when my family’s there,” Proctor setter Gabby Jauhola added.

So it makes sense to have the Proctor volleyball team led by two Jauholas. Trish is in her second year as head coach and her daughter Gabby is their setter.

“At first it was a little weird but I’ve gotten used to it and she does stuff well. She always asks me like ‘was this fine’,” Gabby said.

“It’s sometimes so hard to coach your own daughter but she always has a great attitude,” Trish added.

But the two have been working on volleyball skills long before Trish took over as the Rails head coach.

“I give credit to her for everything because she’s the one that has trained me, made me who I am, how I set, all of it goes to her,” Gabby said.

For the Jauholas, the volleyball talk never stops.

“Whether we’re in the dinner table or the car or here, she probably gets sick of it but because of that, I think it makes her stronger because we’re always on the same page,” Trish said.

“I’m always constantly getting critiqued by her, her asking me for help with practice and what we should do, and I enjoy it. At times,” Gabby added.

Whether she enjoys it or not, all of that instruction has helped Gabby become a leader.

“I’ve had to learn how to put myself in that role and stand up and be a captain, but encouraging to others and to help them,” Gabby said.

And while she has her mom there on the sidelines, Gabby also has one of her best friends as her top hitters in Payton Rodberg.

“We’ve had so many years together so we have good chemistry together and playing with Payton has just been such a privilege,” Gabby said.

With the support all around her, Gabby is ready to lead the Rails to one last memorable season.

“This year means everything to me so I’ve been doing anything and everything I can do to make it to what our goal is, which is obviously state,” Gabby said.

“This is her senior year, this is the end all, and I try not to think about it because it makes me sad. She wants this year, she wants it to be the best year ever and her along with Payton Rodberg, they’re ready to compete, they want the state tournament this year,” Trish added.

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