Explore the Sights, Sounds of Tettegouche State Park This Fall

The Park is Seeing an Influx of Visitors Looking to Catch a Glimpse of the Beautiful Fall Foliage

SILVER BAY, Minn. – It’s one of the most scenic sections along Highway 61. Just a hop off the highway, Tettegouche State Park offers a wide variety of hiking, climbing, and camping options.

“It’s not too hot, not too cold, it’s just about right,” said Kelly Thielien, visiting from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

The so-called “Goldilocks principle” holds true along the North Shore as autumn sets in.

“We’re just spending some time enjoying the beautiful nature that we have in our home state of Minnesota,” said Thielien.

During Thielien’s recent trip to Tettegouche, climbing was the name of the game.

“I think the fall is one of the prettiest times, we kind of missed the fall colors a little bit, but this is a great time to be out enjoying nature,” said Thielien.

As the leaves start to change, countless visitors will venture north in search of the most beautiful, vibrant colors of the season.

“I think it’s really important that when we live in such a beautiful state like Minnesota, we get out and enjoy the great outdoors,” said Thielien.

She tries to tackle all four seasons in her home state, however, fall takes the cake.

“Far too many people who live down in the cities aren’t out enjoying the beauty of nature. We come up here and get to see the beautiful lake and fall colors,” said Thielien.

For first-timer, Tom Morley, the decision to stop didn’t disappoint.

“We’ve never been here before,” said Tom Morley, visiting from Bloomington, Minnesota. “We’ve been trying to explore the North Shore the last couple of years, and haven’t really done so before that.”

Whether you’re a repeat visitor, or just passing by, Morley says it’s the little things in life that need to be enjoyed.

“We spend so much time indoors, looking at screens and stuff, and there’s just something great about being out in nature – walking around and seeing the trees and rivers,” said Morley.

As the foliage puts on a mild show after a summer suppressed by drought, no matter how bright the colors are, these two hope to entice others to venture out into the great outdoors.

“It’s just kind of renewing and helps you feel better,” said Morley. “It’s just a wonderful gem. It’s something that we have but probably don’t appreciate enough.”

“You get the waves coming in, there’s nothing like it compared to all the lakes in the state,” said Thielien.

The park is open daily from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Fall colors are currently 25-50 percent changed in this location along the North Shore.

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