Twin Ports Gearing Up for Winter

TWIN PORTS — The Minnesota Department of Transportation is estimating the first snowfall in almost a month, and different businesses around the Twin Ports are already shifting gears getting ready for this years winter season.

There is a lot to prepare as the seasons and weather start to change, and MnDOT is already on it, switching their focus to be ready for the first snowfall.

“We’re starting to get ready for winter, we’re starting to change our operations out of the summer season operations, and getting our drivers trained and ready to go,” Margie Nelson, Public Affairs Officer for MnDOT said.

Across the bridge in Superior, Northwest Outlet is doing the same by changing out current inventory to introduce new gear that will protect from the coldest temps.

“We’re kind of deep in the process of doing out changeover form our summer lightweight, protect you from the sun, to little bit heavier, protect you from the blizzard kind of gear,” Scott Miller of Northwest Outlet said.

Lower Michigan Street access is set to begin again on September 27th, maintenance and crew workers for MnDOT have been surveying the scene to plan new plowing routes but also currently sending their drivers to training sessions.

“A number of our drivers are going to the snowplow operator training in the Twin Cities right now so they’re learning the plows, getting comfortable in the plows, especially if they’re a new driver we want them to be prepared for anything,” Nelson said.

That’s exactly what Northwest Outlet wants too, as the Northland is beautiful year round, but the way to enjoy all seasons is having the proper gear.

“We kind of try to do a little bit of everything in order for people to come in no matter what time of year it is, no matter where they’re from, we want everybody to be able to get out and enjoy the area we’re in because were really in a tremendous area for outdoor fun,” Miller said.

The outlet expects to have full gear out and ready for purchase by the first few weeks of October.

MnDOT also released a few new employment opportunities on Monday for temporary and seasonal snowplow operators.

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