More Changes Coming to Twin Ports Interchange Project

All of these changes are to help with the flow and safety of traffic.

DULUTH, Minn. — Coming next week, the public can expect to see some changes on I-35 including the southbound lane being diverted to lower Michigan Street and more.

“Other major changes are there will be two lanes southbound as opposed to present-day one lane southbound,” MnDOT Major Projects Construction Manager, Peter Marthaler says.

Then come October, northbound traffic will be moved to southbound lower level bridges opening up the interchange for crews.

“To perceive with demo for the winter and the spring. The work will continue on the miller creek concrete box culvert. Which right now, we have one set completed on the inlet and one on the outlet. We want 300 feet between the two so we can do that this winter,” Marthaler says.

“Additionally, we will be working on our ground improvement program starting in December-ish.”

As always, project managers ask motorists to be aware of the road and crews working on these upcoming changes.

“We will have slower traffic. It will be 40 mph down in the bypass which will help safety-wise. As well as improve the comfort of it for people who aren’t familiar with that. It will be a change for everyone,” Marthaler says.

All of these changes are to help with the flow and safety of traffic.

The project worth over four hundred million dollars is expected to be completed in the Summer of 2024.

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