Northwestern’s Dawson Kriske Leads State in Extra Point Percentage

Kriske leads the state of Wisconsin in extra point percentage, going a perfect 30 for 30.

MAPLE, Wis. – Kickers get a bad rep in the world of football. One missed kick and you are the most hated guy in town. One local kicker that is not getting yelled at on social media is Northwestern’s Dawson Kriske.

Kriske leads the state of Wisconsin in extra point percentage, going a perfect 30 for 30. Also, his total kicks ranks second in the state. The senior has been kicking for the Tigers for the past four years and he says he’s happy to see his hardwork paying off.

“Well I got a good basis from playing soccer since I was about four or five years old. But I’ve really been working on my leg strength and hitting leg day as much as I can while hitting my upper body, too,” Kriske said.

“Aside from those extra points, he had seven or eight touchbacks this past week. His ability to pin the opposing offense deep has been a big part of our defense’s success,” said head coach Jovin Kroll.

And although he hasn’t needed to make a high-pressure kick, Kriske says he sticks to his routine after every Northwestern touchdown.

“Every time before I kick, I just take a big deep breath in and let it out. As the previous kicker Isaac Nichols said, you don’t even hear the fans. You don’t hear anybody. You’re just locked in on your feet and the ball,” said Kriske.

“It’s not like you place the blame elsewhere. You’re out there. You’re in the middle of the field and it’s your job to get the job done. And he’s reached that point. He’s experienced with this. He’s gone to the camps. He’s put in the time and he’s having a lot of success this year,” Kroll said.

Kriske and the Tigers will put their undefeated record on the line Friday night at home against Chetek-Weyerhauser.

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