Census Report Shows Increase in Duluth Population Since 2010

DULUTH, Minn. — The city of Duluth held a news conference today to talk about the hundreds of people who have moved to the area.

The most recent census, which happens once every decade, revealed that 432 people had moved to the city. That’s a small number overall, but it has added to Duluth’s diversity. Residents of color now make up 16% of the population, which is a 5% increase since 2010. Mayor Larson spoke on this today and why it matters.

“It matters because we need to know whos in our community and how we can help them be successful and grow and finally it matters because we are growing, and for decades we have talked about a stagnant population and it has felt that we are more vibrant and that we are growing and it turns out that we are,” Mayor Larson said.

Duluth’s population now is at 86,697 residents.

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