City Leaders Announce ‘Safer Duluth for All’ Budget Plan

The added funds are coming from the proposed increased tax levy and Duluth's nearly 60 million in 'American Rescue Plan' dollars.

DULUTH, Minn. —  On Thursday Duluth’s police and fire departments are among those in line to get a boost in funding for 2022.

City leaders announced what they call the “Safer Duluth For All” budget plan on Thursday.

The added funds are coming from the proposed increased tax levy and Duluth’s nearly 60 million in ‘American Rescue Plan’ dollars.

The budget amendment includes a pay increase of up to 15% for police officers.

It also includes an annual increase for police and fire department budgets of 100-thousand dollars to help retain employees and provide better training.

“It’s a complicated plan that we are proposing but it’s also quite simple. It’s about the best path forward. It’s about collective safety. It’s about using our budget to match those values and make sure we are stepping in line and stepping forward,” Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson says.

The new budget also secures funding for the city’s crisis and intervention program and a base salary increase for all bargaining units and city staff.

In exchange for structural changes to the city’s healthcare plan.

The city council will vote on the tax levy increase during Monday’s council meeting.

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