Ammo Shortage Adding Stress This Hunting Season

SUPERIOR, Wic. — It’s prime time of year to go hunting, but a shortage in ammunition is making a normally exciting time of year for those who participate a bit of stressful.

Supply shop owners did not think the shortage would be going on for the two years it has. They say it’s due to many different reasons like panic-buying, shipment and distribution issues, especially for imported ammo.

Handgun ammo was the first to go at the beginning of the pandemic, but with that returning to shelves a little more regularly, ammunition for hunters is what has been the hardest to get lately. Shooters Supply in Superior is doing their best to keep their shelves stocked.

“Well some of this we’ve gotten in but today its all about the waterfowl loads, steel loads, trap loads, and the rifle calibers .243, a lot of kids are shooting that .308, and .30 06,” Patricia Kukull, Owner of Superior Shooters Supply said.

The owner says as ammo funnels in, they are still maintaining a one to two box limit. There’s also been a ton of new demand with the 8 million new shooters in the United States since the start of the pandemic, and although that shop owner doesn’t see this shortage clearing up by this year, she encourages customers to call and check availability anytime.

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