New Traffic Re-Direct of I-35 in Can of Worms

DULUTH, Minn. — The next significant change of the Can of Worms project is I-35 now leading to lower Michigan Street. While this re-directs traffic flow, it also might help local businesses see a few more customers.

The re-design and construction of the can of worms has been in full force since 2020. It has caused a lot of detours, traffic jams and frustration for those trying to get through, but things are looking up as MnDOT has released a plan to add more temporary lanes for North and Southbound traffic.

“As you can kind of tell, I have highlighted 35 Southbound in yellow, so there is a shift from 35 onto lower Michigan Street, and then that lower Michigan Street will turn into a by pass that will go over the inlet section of the culvert, and then under 27th Avenue so that shift should be happening by the end of the day today,” Ellie Keen, Graduate Civil Engineer from MnDOT said.

For those who have surrounded the area, it might add a little relief for navigation purposes.

“I hear it a lot from staff members and customers that its almost hard to get in and out of the neighborhood with all the streets being closed down its like week by week it always changes and your not sure what’s going to be open,” Kali Benrud, General Manager of the Dovetail CafĂ© and Market Place, said.

But one local shop in the Lincoln Park neighborhood is seeing it as a possibility, where this new re-direction could potentially bring more eyes, and customers to their storefront.

“We’ve had a lot of challenges as everybody has in the last year, but we’re still a new business we’ve only been open for 3 years” Benrud said, “maybe it will give a chance for people who don’t know we’re here yet to see us and find us”.

Meanwhile, Southbound I-35 traffic will stay on lower Michigan until potentially 2023. MnDOT has their work cut out for them, but they are doing what they can to keep the community informed, and encourage people to check their website for traffic and detour updates.

On October 8th, Northbound traffic will become two lanes and will switch over to the old Southbound lanes.

For project update information, click here.

For detour maps, click here.

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