UMD Professor and Master Naturalists Observe Local Trees

DULUTH, Minn.- Biologist and University of Minnesota Duluth Assistant Professor Jessica Savage lead a phenology walk with local Master Naturalists.

Around a dozen people gathered for a walk through the Bagley Nature Area on UMD’s campus, taking in the different trees and shrubs in the Northland.

The nature walk aims to educate the Master Naturalists about greenery and how they change throughout the seasons. Using a checklist, members of the group analyze a plant’s different stages of life.

“This is part of a larger effort to get information for research on how plants are changing in response to the environment, and we’re going out with a local group of the master naturalists to show them the trail and talk to them about the program,” said UMD Assistant Biology Professor Jessica Savage.

Savage is also leading the group through new trails, teaching them about the impact of Lake Superior and its proximity to plants.

At least one Master Naturalist volunteer goes out each week to observe plants and their changes.

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