Experts: Time To Think About Ways To Save Winter Energy

DULUTH, Minn. – The city of Duluth is encouraging homeowners to explore ways to cut down on energy use this winter, as prices for natural gas are up more than 180-percent over last year thanks to exports, Hurricane Ida’s effect on production in the Gulf and inflation.

There are the typical easy fixes, like plastic over windows, vents free from obstructions and keeping your thermostat at 68 or lower when at home.

But the city’s conservation improvement coordinator, Jenae Pitoscia, said investing in an energy efficient furnace might be the way to go, and the city will give those homeowners a $200 rebate for the purchase.

“To get that higher efficiency, that’s a huge savings for people, that’s usually when they notice it the most – you’re going from an 80 percent efficient old furnace to a 95 percent. You’re going to see a drastic decrease in your bill,” said Jenae Pitoscia, conservation improvement coordinator for the city of Duluth.

Rebate forms are on Comfort System’s website, along with other resources to help lower your winter energy bill.

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