St. Luke’s and CHUM Partnership to House Homeless

DULUTH, Minn.- St. Luke’s is partnering with CHUM in bringing stable housing to Duluth seniors who are experiencing homelessness.

Earlier this year, CHUM began leasing the first floor of the St. Francis apartments and what was formerly known as the Duluth Inn in downtown Duluth, providing 22 housing units to homeless seniors.

In a ribbon cutting ceremony early Wednesday, St. Luke’s announced they will be purchasing the apartment complex, now making 43 housing units available.

“And now in 2021, St. Luke’s Hospital and CHUM have come together to respond to the needs of those experiencing homelessness who are elderly,” said CHUM Executive Director John Cole.

In the partnership, St. Luke’s will be responsible for maintaining the building, and CHUM will connect homeless seniors with housing and other resources.

The $2.6 million purchase will not be for profit, but will provide a home for those 55 years and older. 

People 65 years and older who are veterans or have a disability will be prioritized to be tenants.

“It Validates projects like this,” said St. Luke’s Chief Medical Officer Nick Van Deelen. “It makes this—it reinforces that we are doing the right things.”

Currently, eleven people live in the apartment building, but with this new partnership, the complex will be able to house 43 tenants.

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