Northern Star: Blake Perry

For this weeks segment, we highlight the record-breaking accomplishments of one senior on the UWS Men's Soccer team.

SUPERIOR, Wis. — The sky is the limit for senior Blake Perry of the UWS men’s soccer team as he continues to raise the standards for the yellowjackets.

“The boys all love him, there’s no question who they’re trying to follow, he just sets a great example,” Joe Mooney, the UWS Head Coach said.

He sets records too, on Friday, Perry scored his 44th career goal, breaking the school record held by former teammate Eric Watson, who graduated in 2020.

“It felt good cause he was an excellent player so, I mean, to be able to succeed him and have more goals than him feels good but at the same time, I loved the guy,” Perry said.

The team was pulling for him to break this record too, and for Perry, it’s a sigh of relief.

“It was a weight of my shoulders, because you hear everyone around you talking about this and that, so you try not to think of it when game time comes because you’re just focused on getting the win on that day, but its always in the back of the head,” Perry said.

And that milestone is one of a few of his accomplishments throughout his career at UWS.

“The individual accolades are really cool and again, I’m really proud for him, but he’ll tell you the most important thing to him is just the next game, and just doing what he can to add value for the team,” Mooney said.

Since being recruited out of Anoka High School, Coach Mooney has seen Perry grow in more ways than one.

“He’s a big threat for us but his character, his attitude, the effort that he brings, and just his leadership qualities is something that I’m really proud to see grow, and he’s just been a tremendous, quality person for us throughout,” Mooney said.

There’s still a lot of season left for Perry to push the limits but he’s happy with where the Yellowjackets are now, “it’s good to see us come together as a unit, and starting to look like superior again”.

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