Optimism on the Iron Range as New Event & Convention Center Opens

The New Iron Trail Motors Event & Convention Center is a Project 20 Years in the Making

VIRGINIA, Minn. – A massive project 20 years in the making is now a reality, and standing tall in the City of Virginia.

Now the City of Virginia Parks and Rec Department is proud to bring people inside the new Iron Trail Motors Event and Convention Center.

“This is a game-changing facility for the entire Iron Range,” said Brian Silber, director of Park and Rec with the City of Virginia.

When you walk through the doors, you’ll instantly see the flow fits the functionality of the brand new, 120,000 square foot facility.

“We want events going on here all the time,” said Silber.

From hockey tournaments to weddings, trade shows, and conventions, the new Iron Trail Motors Event and Convention Center is here to serve the residents of the region and beyond.

“Hockey is key here in this area so we’ve got two state-of-the-art arenas,” said Silber.

Arena number one can seat up to 2,500 people. The second arena serves as a practice space, seating up to 500 visitors.

“We’ll even have summer ice all summer long which is something this region has been missing for quite some time,” said Silber.

This new building, helping to grow and expand what the old Miners Memorial Building was incapable of providing.

“It meets the needs that the Miners Memorial Building was lacking in,” said Silber. “We tried to bring bits and pieces of that building into this building.”

From repurposed benches to the wall of professional skaters, the memory of the Miners building remains alive.

“The excitement is really growing in the area, people are excited to come in here and see this brand new facility we’ve dreamt about for decades,” said Silber.

Aside from ice events, a ballroom inside the facility can host up to 500 people, something the Iron Range has lacked for many years.

“It’s nice to be able to make it adapt to what you want to use it for,” said Gary Francisco, lead superintendent with Kraus-Anderson Construction Company.

Francisco says he’s thrilled to see the flexibility the new facility offers.

“Just to see the end-user in here using the facility, all the noises, the laughter, the people, to me that’s what’s rewarding about my job and what I do,” said Francisco.

“We are hoping this building is the hub of activity for not only Virginia and the Quad Cities, but the entire Iron Range,” said Silber.

Ground broke on the project in May of 2020. Now open for business, the Virginia Parks and Rec Department remains optimistic for what the future will hold.

“This building is just like you and me, it’s going to continue to grow with our area over the next decades,” said Silber.

Click here for a full list of upcoming events, or if you’re interested in hosting an event in the new center.

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