Family Freedom Center to Host Community Event

DULUTH, Minn.- The Family Freedom Center partners with local organizations for Freedom Farm’s Big Tent Event on Saturday.

Executive Director Jacob Aaron Bell stepped up to take over Family Freedom Center after his late father Xavier Bell founded the organization in July 2018.

“It gets big sometimes,” said Bell. “I always say I’ve got big shoes to fill, but we’ve got a lot of feet—cause I’ve got a lot of people in the community that have our backs.”

As the harvest season comes to an end, the organization is hosting an event for people to get together and enjoy food and music.

They will also be providing free food and winter apparel to people who need it for the upcoming winter season.

“An opportunity for us and all of our partners to have a check-in with our families and with our community members,” said Bell. “To basically stockpile on the relationships that are in this community, to sustain us for the cold season—for the winter months, so we’re gonna be giving away winter clothing, canned foods, whole foods, produce.”

Duluth Aging Support, AICHO, and Life House are all participating in the community event.

The Big Tent Festival is at Freedom Farm on 10th street, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The organization is even teaming up with SK Taxi to provide free rides for guests who need transportation.

The Family Freedom Center plans to make the Big Tent Festival an annual event.


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