Annual Sports and Collectors Show at Miller Hill Mall

DULUTH, Minn. — The annual Sports and Collector Show is back at the Miller Hill Mall for the first of three days this weekend. With an expected 30 vendors, and some precious memorabilia, this show is bringing in some of the best items in local sport collections.

One collector explains the value of these items has increased the past few months about two to four times the original, pre-pandemic value. Because of this, there was a surge in the sport collectibles industry.

“I think that same thing happened during covid, like they look at what we have that’s in the closet, that we thought wasn’t worth anything that all of a sudden became worth a lot,” Fred Degerstrom, Event Organizer and Owner of ‘Game On’ in the mall, said.

Even younger generations have joined in on the fun.

Simon, a 10 year old collector said, “I like collecting them because you can learn the players names, and I just like selling them, and just doing it with my family”.

And another young collector, Freddie, likes collecting too because, “it’s fun like you never know what you’re going to get”.

The pair’s friend has been collecting too since he was 5 years old, and he’s struck gold with his dad, “and we pulled a Justin Herbert that’s like worth like at least $10,000,” Maxx said.

To have events like this where you can bring the collector community of all ages together is something Fred Degerstrom enjoys most.

“They come here not because they want to just necessarily make some extra money, but because they really have a passion for it and like it. And like I said about the kids, there’s a lot more kids into it too, like I never used to see so many kids that would come with a briefcase full of cards or a little box of cards that I do now,” he said.

The show continues through the weekend, where they’ll be set up Saturday from 10-7, and Sunday from 11-5.

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