Northern Star: The Turnbull Triplets

For this week's Northern Star, meet a trio of Cloquet football players who have literally been together since they were in the womb.

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’ve been to a Cloquet football, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name “Turnbull”. If you listen to the starting lineups, you’ll hear it called three times for Reese, Alec and Will.

“They’ve been certainly the base of any team that they’ve been on, in the youth level, and then in the middle school, and then for us,” head coach Tom Lenarz said.

The Turnbull triplets have been playing football since third grade and these brothers are competitive, both on and off the field.

“We get a little violent sometimes. But I feel like it made us into the players we are today, just beating up on each other growing up,” said Will.

“It’s had its ups and downs for sure. Lots of fighting. We’re always, always trying to compete against each other to see who’s better,” Reese said.

Sometimes, you might see all three Turnbulls touch the ball on the same play. Reese will be the center, snapping it to Alec the quarterback, who throws it to Will the wide receiver.

“They’ll probably argue with you that they should’ve been the quarterback over me. But right away, I was the quarterback and it kind of just stuck. Scoring a touchdown is obviously really exciting. But when you know that you’re throwing it to your brother, it means a little bit more,” said Alec.

The Turnbulls are ready to wrap up their final season with the Lumberjacks and they credit all their success to their parents, Chris and Rachael.

“They’ve made sure that we’ve gone to every practice. Never missed a practice. They come to all of our games, no matter the circumstances, always taking off work and everything like that. They’re just our biggest supporters and we couldn’t do it without them,” said Will.

“They certainly sacrificed a lot, like brining us to all these practices and everything. But they love going to the games. They’re at every game so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have it any other way,” Alec said.

And their senior season was made extra special as the Turnbulls are serving as team captains as well.

“It’s pretty cool, locking arms with the brothers. I thought it was even more cool that the team voted us three as captains. That says a lot about us,” Reese said.

“it just shows that the other kids on the team understand what we think, as a program, captains should be. These guys are leaders off the field, as well as on. These are kids that are committed to making themselves better because they know that makes the team better. That to me is real leadership,” said Lenarz.

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