Vino with a View: Inside Lutsen’s North Shore Winery

North Shore Winery and Sawtooth Mountain Cider House Opened Back in 2016

LUTSEN, Minn. – When it comes to the birthplace of a good chardonnay or merlot, chances are Minnesota doesn’t come to mind. One business located in Lutsen, however, is looking to change that perception.

“Just trying new things is very important. You don’t know what you like until you try it,” said Jayden Corliss, general manager at North Shore Winery.

The location is known for its sights, but when it comes to sips, visitors can be hesitant to try.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, give your own notes, and start noticing things,” said Corliss.

At North Shore Winery and Sawtooth Mountain Cider House, trying coincides with teaching.

“Tastings are the most popular option because we need to introduce them to the product somehow,” said Corliss.

Since opening in 2016, the winery has sipped its way to a successful five years in business.

“We doubled how much wine we were making for our first few years and have been increasing ever since,” said Corliss.

The selection of vino varies, along with an ever-changing cider menu. Many of the products are crafted with fruits grown right here in Minnesota.

“We first either crush and destem those which is the process of removing the stems and creating more of a pulp out of the berries rather than whole clusters,” said Corliss.

From there, yeast is used to convert the sugars in the fruit into alcohol. After a few other complex, yet important steps, the product is sent out to be praised by customers.

“Many people have negative perceptions of Minnesota fruit and the wine they make,” said Corliss.

Corliss says this is a common misconception due to the strides made in science over the past few decades.

“We do have a number of cold-hearted varieties that have been bred in recent years and over the last 50 years but are just coming to their own now,” said Corliss.

This hidden gem keeps two Minnesota wines on the menu, with roughly six others made from California-grown grapes. Corliss encourages the most seasoned of wine enthusiasts to take a trip north and try their selection.

“Locals have been big supporters of the winery,” said Corliss.

The winery offers LIVE music every Sunday through the fall. They’re looking forward to hosting the upcoming Harvest Festival before the holiday season begins.

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