Duluth Toy Store Feeling The Effects Of Product Shortage

DULUTH, Minn. — Many retail stores in the area continue to feel the effects of the pandemic.

Toys for Keeps in Canal Park ordered a number of products at the beginning of the year and have yet to receive them.

This is causing a backup with their orders.

Owners say this is due to a lack of warehouse workers, truck drivers, and a staffing shortage in the shipping industry.

They say, what shoppers see on the shelves right now may be all the inventory available ahead of the holiday season.

“If you see it on the shelf and you like it and you’re thinking about it you probably should buy it because it might not be here next week. I can’t tell you if it would be here for Christmas. I can’t tell you if it will even be in the store,” Toys for Keeps Owner, Cindy McCabe says.

Owners say the backup in shipping has also caused prices to surge for a lot of popular board games.

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