UMD Hosts Flu Shot Clinic

Health officials recommend people get the flu shot annually.

DULUTH, Minn. — UMD hosted their first flu shot clinic of the season today for students and staff.

Roughly 300 staff signed up to receive the vaccine.

The campus was equipped to take walk-ins as well.

With people coming to the university from all over the world, nurses say that it is essential for students on-campus, in housing and close quarters with other students to get the shot.

“This year it will be different. We can already tell that. There’s certainly Covid spreading around now too like the delta variant. Other viruses that we normally see in the fall are also around in a much bigger number than we had last year. More like a regular year. Flu could become an issue this year for sure,” UMD Health Services Registered Nurse, Robyn Mensinger says.

Staff say it’s more important than ever this year as covid-19 cases remain on par with the numbers last year.

Also, hospital beds may be hard to come by, even if you contract the flu.

“But getting them is still better than not having them always. Keeping folks out of the hospital that have influenza is the best idea this year particularly so we can save them for other illnesses and chronic thing and Covid for sure,” Mensinger says.

Nurses say, they have over one thousand doses flu vaccines ready for the season.

Another clinic will take place on October 26th.

Health officials recommend people get the flu shot annually.


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