Animal Allies Warns Northlanders About Cat Virus

DULUTH, Minn.- Animal Allies in Duluth are alerting cat owners of the highly contagious fatal disease, Panleukopenia, as they notice several incoming stray cats have the disease.

The animal shelter is asking people to temporarily hold off on bringing in stray felines while they quarantine their sheltered cats and sanitize the facility.

Animal Allies will be reaccepting stray cats in the coming weeks, but until then, they will provide food and kennels to those remotely sheltering.

“We started noticing cases of it coming in from our community when straight cats were being surrendered to us, so we kind of wanted to essentially quarantine just to ensure that all the cats here that hadn’t been exposed were going to stay healthy,” humane education manager Nicole Facciotto. “So we can treat the ones that were, and we were going to ensure we’re adopting out healthy cats back into the community.”

Fatigue, vomiting, and diarrhea in cats are early signs of Panleukopenia.

The shelter asks all feline owners to keep their cats away from strays and talk to their veterinarian about the vaccine.

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