Bayfield Co. Sees COVID Cases Rise In The Area

BAYFIELD CO., Wis. — Bayfield County said it’s concerned about the number of COVID cases it’s seen so far this week because it’s higher than usual.

Since Monday, the county has had 38 new cases that have either been confirmed to be COVID, or are likely to be the virus.

For a population of about 15,000 that means the county has bumped up to what it considers a “very high” level of transmission.

The county health department said the cases are actually split, with half of them among unvaccinated people, and the other half among the vaccinated.

As a reminder, you can still get and spread COVID-19 even if you’re vaccinated against it, but you are far less likely to suffer the effects of the virus, be hospitalized¬† because of it, or die from it.

Bayfield County hopes this will encourage everyone to mask up, even if they have gotten the shots, to stay healthy right now.

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