Gov. Walz Highlights Duluth’s Seawall Reconstruction, Begins State Funding Tour

DULUTH, Minn. — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz made a stop in Duluth Thursday to highlight some of the state’s bonding projects passed in 2020, including a soon-to-be new seawall behind the DECC.

It was part of the Walz’s kick-off for his ‘local jobs and projects tour’ to celebrate bonding projects throughout the state currently in the works to improve infrastructure while also considering new projects for the 2022 legislative session worth 5.5 billion in requests from state agencies and local governments.

“We do this across the state and what we end of doing is making a consensus of how do you make this state a better state to live in,” Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz says.

On Thursday, Governor Walz used Duluth’s seawall reconstruction as a prime example of a well-spent investment.

“The thought of not rebuilding this sea wall for all the things that it does from recreational to port stability to the economic impact it has on the local businesses is simply reckless not to do so,” Walz says.

The reconstructing of the aging seawall behind the DECC will also be the groundwork for the great lakes cruise market to dock in Duluth next year.

“This port of Duluth is the largest by volume inland port in the United States,” Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson says.

Plans include a total redevelopment of the road and property behind the DECC for more green space and social settings for tourists and locals.

Mayor Larson says it’s all part of Duluth being a premier port city in the great lakes.

“We are a really important asset to the Great Lakes. Shipping is an incredible industry for us,” Larson says.

Construction on the new seawall is expected to begin in the spring of 2022.

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