Duluth Design Expo Projects Architectural Design Trends

DULUTH, Minn. — The fourth annual Duluth Design Expo took place today at Clyde Iron Works and brought regional and Midwestern designers together to showcase their ideas.

Organizers say this event allows different creative minds to come together and express their ideas and creations to one another while being able to network and connect.

They also had a guest speaker from New York City there, Stacy Garcia, who presented the new trends coming in the next couple years where orange, purple and greens will be the new statement colors for designers.

“What we love about Duluth is the variety of offerings that we have as well and we don’t get a lot of time or events like this to celebrate design together so that’s kind of where this started. And we just want to be able to have that celebration as a community,” Melissa Graftaas, President of Architecture Advantage, said.

This was a one day event but organizers encourage anyone who missed out to visit their Facebook page for more information.

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