Duluth Firefighters Take Part in Aerial Arbor Training

Besides one that happened this past July, arborists say they haven’t seen any rescues in twenty years.

DULUTH, Minn. — Members of the Duluth Fire Department went to Portland Square Park on Friday to practice a new kind of Arial training– in trees. An arborist instructor team is teaching firefighters how to prepare for these situations, and how to properly execute them, when the time comes.

Besides one that happened this past July, arborists say they haven’t seen any rescues in twenty years. According to Fire Captain, Dan Smith, there doesn’t seem to be a new need for this kind of training, but having it available to them is something they will gladly take part in.

“It’s great training for us, this is a high risk, low frequency event, and arbor rescue, that’s something we don’t see every day” Dan Smith, Captain Of Duluth Fire Department, said.

For Louise Levy, Owner of Levy Tree Care, it’s the perfect time to collaborate, being able to teach, and learn from each other.

“You know it’s a mutually beneficial training that we’re having right now, they’re learning from us and were learning from them” Louise Levy, Co-Lead Trainer, Owner of Levy Tree Care, said.

“having arborists from Duluth and the metro up here training us, gives us great information that we can then pair with the training that we already have, the rope rescue training, to make a safe rescue,” Captain Smith said.

And the training included methods arborists could use to avoid accidents before calling 9-1-1.

“One of the most important things that we’ve taken from today’s training is that, to best serve our safety needs, if we can install a line that they can use then they don’t have to do that when they get to our job site if there’s an accident,” Levy said.

The fire department feels confident in their preparation after Friday’s lessons, “just being on the same page ahead of the emergency is going to make our rescue a lot faster,” Captain Smith said.

Whether it is a medical emergency, an injury that occurs on the tree, or if someone is stuck or pinned, first responders will be ready.


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